they are worth it


We believe that housing is a responsibility, not an option, for the Body of Christ.  It is the most expensive ongoing program of the pro-life community (per individual served), but it also has the potential for being the most effective.  We have gotten very good at helping a young woman decide not to have an abortion, but now we must grow in our long-term care of these same women.  Our job is not finished when she says she will carry her child.

We must help her improve her life and, consequently, the life of her child.  We must think beyond today into tomorrow, next week, next month, and the years to come.

Housing is a wonderful opportunity to provide discipleship at its deepest level.  Jesus set that example when he had the 12 disciples live with Him.  He took them everywhere He went, and they had the opportunity to watch, listen, and learn from Him 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  No wonder they were able to change the world!  Housing ministry offers that same opportunity.  This mission is close to the heart of Loving & Caring.

 Training and Encouragement

Part of the history and growth of Loving and Caring, Inc. has been the development and growth of the annual National Christian Housing Conference. Annually we gather somewhere in the nation for a time of intimate sharing, fellowship and encouragement.  Check out the upcoming event at the link above.

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