they are worth it

Ministry Overview


Because women and their children are worth it, Loving & Caring inspires hope and healing from generation to generation.


Loving & Caring exists to provide practical resources, training, encouragement, and spiritual renewal to those called to minister to women and their children.

The ultimate mission of Loving & Caring is to positively affect the physical, spiritual, and moral health of the world. Loving & Caring strives to do this by providing materials and services to agencies and Christian ministries which serve teen moms, single parents, and families affected by crisis pregnancy. Loving & Caring serves over 5,000 ministries and individuals, including churches, pregnancy centers, and housing ministries. We are here to help the pro-life community.

Life-affirming ministries are at the center of a great evangelistic thrust in our country and around the world. Loving & Caring is changing hearts and bringing hope for the future as we minister to men and women. We are saving physical lives of unborn children and spiritual lives of women and their families.

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Our History

Jim and Anne Pierson began working in the pro-life community in the early 1970′s when the Lord called them to move to Pennsylvania and begin a family style maternity home. Before moving to Pennsylvania, they had spent several years in youth work through their church in Washington, D.C.

Within a ten year period, the Piersons had established two maternity homes, an aftercare facility for women who had placed their children in adoption, and an extended family living program for women who were parenting their children. During this time, Anne began to use her experience to write materials for the women and speak at various events.

By 1984 there were numerous demands from around the country for training, materials, and guidance throughout the pro-life community. Jim and Anne felt led to turn over the daily running of the maternity homes and to begin the international ministry of Loving & Caring. They found that instead of a few being helped, thousands could benefit from their years of service and experience.

So impactful has their service been that President Reagan mentioned Jim and Anne’s work in one of his speeches.  The Piersons have received numerous awards for their work with Loving and Caring, including Heartbeat’s Servant Leader Award and 2011 Legacy Award, Care Net’s Dr. Harold O.J. Brown’s Sanctity of Human Life Award, and the Angel of Adoption Award from the Congressional Committee on Adoption.

The ministry of Loving & Caring began because the Piersons saw a need to help the pro-life community. They took the rich experience they had acquired over the years and used it to create materials for ministries and organizations serving individuals and families experiencing a crisis pregnancy. Jim and Anne had a desire to use these materials to share the love of Christ, and the ministry continues to fulfill that desire today.

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