they are worth it

Ministry Overview


Because women and their children are worth it, Loving & Caring inspires hope and healing from generation to generation.


Loving & Caring exists to provide practical resources, training, encouragement, and spiritual renewal to those called to minister to women and their children.

The ultimate mission of Loving & Caring is to positively affect the physical, spiritual, and moral health of the world. Loving & Caring strives to do this by providing materials and services to agencies and Christian ministries which serve teen moms, single parents, and families affected by crisis pregnancy. Loving & Caring serves over 5,000 ministries and individuals, including churches, pregnancy centers, and housing ministries. We are here to help the pro-life community.

Life-affirming ministries are at the center of a great evangelistic thrust in our country and around the world. Loving & Caring is changing hearts and bringing hope for the future as we minister to men and women. We are saving physical lives of unborn children and spiritual lives of women and their families.

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Who is Anne Pierson?

Anne Pierson is the Director of Ministry Services for Loving and Caring, Inc., a national ministry whose mission is to positively affect the physical, spiritual, and moral health of the nation by providing materials and services for young men and women who are facing a pregnancy and in need of assistance.

Anne and her late husband Jim founded the House of His Creation, a home for pregnant women in 1973.  They personally lived with over 200 young women as well as working with the birth fathers.

In 1984, Anne and Jim started a ministry called Loving and Caring.  Anne is the author of Love’s Open Door and the My Baby and Me workbook series, along with numerous counseling and training materials used by life affirming ministries around the world. They also focus on the issue of fatherlessness.

Anne’s unique speaking style, filled with wisdom and stories culled from over thirty years of caring for people is a highlight at banquets, retreats, seminars and conferences across North America.  Anne lives in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and is the parent of two daughters and three granddaughters.

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