they are worth it

How We Help

Because they are worth it, our focus is:

  • Faith
  • Fundamentals
  • Family
  • Fulfillment
  • Fun


We desire to help ministries see young women healed from the wounds of their past, and to see them accept Christ, becoming disciples and finding their new identity in Him.

We also desire to see ministries increasing in their faith and knowing a greater sense of purpose as they run their ministries according to Biblical principles.

How this will be accomplished

  • Pray for and with people at each opportunity
  • Provide Biblically oriented counseling and consultation
  • Introduce Biblical profiling to help ministries function better and to help individuals better understand their identity
  • Train individuals to coach growing followers of Jesus Christ
  • Provide workshops about coming into the presence of the Lord for ministries and the women they serve
  • Raise awareness of God’s heart and view on abortion and adoption
  • Raise awareness of God’s call to care for, provide for, and love mothers and children whose needs are desperate


We desire to help ministries build a firm foundation with well-trained staff and volunteers equipped to meet the basic needs of young women and their children. In this process, fatherless and generational issues, as well as financial security, will be addressed.

How this will be accomplished

  • Provide training, guidance, and material concerning generational and poverty issues
  • Promote housing program development via training, evaluation, and consultation
  • Help pregnancy centers, churches, and schools understand single mothers and children at a deeper level
  • Teach, as Jesus taught, in parables and stories to bring hope and motivate change


We desire to help ministries build and bring healing to families and other relationships (boyfriends, siblings, etc.).

How this will be accomplished

  • Use Biblical profiling to heal relationships and to begin understanding of personal identity and family interaction
  • Speak and train on family relationships, as well as male/female relationships
  • Provide materials and training on parenting for single parents
  • Help ministries bring hope and healing to individual families
  • Write, present, and counsel on the issues of fatherlessness, fatherhood, and relationships


We desire to train and counsel ministries on how to provide services in the area of education, career, decision making, values, adoption, and parenting.

How this will be accomplished

  • Provide My Baby and Me workbooks and training
  • Provide leadership material and training to help ministries move forward
  • Teach and train in Biblical ways, enabling ministries to better relate to those they serve
  • Provide Adoption and Long-term Counseling Training
  • Develop materials to help the life-affirming movement
  • Utilize blogs and internet relationships to encourage and strengthen ministries and individuals
  • Build strong ministry teams so that as many women and children as possible may be served
  • Be part of the national and international movement through prayer, and help to bring God’s care to mothers and children around the world


We desire to bring joy, hope, and laughter to all those we serve.

How this will be accomplished

  • Bring joy and laughter through teaching, writing, and resources
  • Share the joy of knowing God and walking with Him
  • Bring a sense of hope and healing to all we serve
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