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Welcome to April!  April comes with all kinds of weather.  It is also a time when we celebrate Easter. 

I was thinking about how Jesus died for us and how blessed we are to know and love our wonderful Savior. 

When Jesus walked on the earth, some days would be full of sunshine and the disciples would enjoy walking with Him as they went from town to town.  They were allowed to experience miracles, and the kindness of others as they provided for all of them. 

They also experienced hardship and problems.  The hardest moment was Christ’s crucifixion.

As I stand and look at the world around us, I have moments when life is full of joy, the flowers are starting to bloom, and all is well.  Then in just a moment, things can change, and we are in the midst of heartache and pain and even a storm or two.

I have never forgotten the day my husband Jimmy and I went to the eye doctor and the doctor came in and said they were going to have to take his driver’s license.  This was a man who loved to drive and now, one of the foundations of his life, was being taken away.

Things were never the same as we adjusted our lives to our new reality.  I was now the driver and he was the passenger.

This was only one moment in our marriage of over 50 years and yet it changed everything.

Adapting is a great gift that God has given us.  Life can be going well and then suddenly there is change. 

I think living with all the young women we served over the years made Jimmy and I both great adapters.  There were very happy times full of joy and fellowship and very hard times when there was rebellion and great sadness.

If you have moments of great joy, enjoy every minute and treasure it.  I have learned to journal over the years so when the hard times come, I can go back and see all the joy that has been in my life.

When the hard times come, I have and continue to learn how to adjust my life to become stronger and to treasure the precious moments more.

There is so much in life that can make you sad, but so much more that can bring great joy.

Easter is a time of great joy that came after great pain.



Anne Pierson is the Director of Ministry Services for Loving and Caring, Inc., a national ministry whose mission is to provide resources, training, and encouragement to life-affirming people and organizations.

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  1. Fran Allwein says:

    Once again it is so nice to read about you and Jimmy. we love you guys and we appreciate all that you have done over the years. I am sure you missed Jimmy very very much. May you have a blessed and wonderful Easter as you adapt daily to life and what it has to offer. We rejoice with you this Easter.

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