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A New Beginning

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Jimmy and Anne

What does it mean to begin again?  Each year on January 1 we start a new year. Each month of the year we start a new month.  There are so many times in life when we start a new adventure, a new way of doing things or have a new idea. These can be exciting times and for some a sad time. Sometimes we move forward and sometimes say goodbye to people, places and old ways of doing things. For me January always makes me think of new beginnings and also of acknowledging that some things will never be the same. My husband Jimmy’s birthday was in January. Every January I remember him in a special way, and thank the Lord that he was born and that we had over 50 years together before he entered heaven.  I would like to pay tribute to him in this blog.

He was very tall, over 6 feet and had a heart of gold. He loved being needed and was very kind.  He only yelled at me once and I really deserved it.  He was very strong physically, but could hold a child on his lap in a very gentle kind way. For years he played Santa Claus at our church and the children loved sitting on his lap. When we had the home for girls, the women were often afraid of him when they first saw him because of his size. Many had been mistreated by men and so they would stay a distance from him.  Over a short time they would realize he was a gentle giant and would want to sit with him. A place of honor at our dinner table would be the seat next to him, not because any one said so, it was just that you wanted to be close because he would show interest in you and talk to you. I am often reminded because of my life with him, that I need to take more time to just listen and not always look for a way to make a statement or give advice.

As we start our new year why not go back in time and remember someone who had an influence on your life. Look at what it was about that person that made you want to be with them or like them.  It’s not about looks, money, smarts, that make the big difference, but really what we all want is to have someone who is kind, gentle and cares about us more than themselves.  The Bible is full of truths about laying our lives down for others and in the end finding great love and satisfaction in making even a small difference in someone’s life.

I don’t want to be remembered as a person who wrote books, spoke, or traveled.  I want to be remembered as a person who worked very hard to follow the heart of God, caring deeply about others and showing others the wonder and glory of knowing and loving God.

May this year be full of the goodness of God in your life, even in the hard times! May God’s presence be in your daily life! May He move us forward in a great understanding of Himself!  May God, bring truth with love which will gently bring others to Christ enabling them to follow their calling. Another year and another reason to say –  “Here I Am Send Me”.  Anne

Anne Pierson is the Director of Ministry Services for Loving and Caring, Inc., a national ministry whose mission is to provide resources, training, and encouragement to life-affirming people and organizations.

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  1. Linda Hatcher says:

    I love this. I have many memories of Jimmy. He loved to tease me. He would catch me with my elbows on table and start singing out embarrassing camp songs. He was always the first to wipe away a tear after the Spirit started to move among the kids and we bowed our heads in prayer. You two were a team. A reality I knew so well with my Jimmy but God still has folks He wants us to touch Ann so He left us here in a life where we have to constantly trust Him and look to Him to meet our needs. Please know I am praying for you in this new year. Love from your friend with two –count em– bionic hips.

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