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When I was a little girl about 4 years old, my parents and I lived in a very small one-bedroom apartment just outside of Washington, D.C. My parents were not believers at the time.  My father worked at the Government Printing Office and my mother was a public health nurse in a very poor part of D.C.  We did not have a car, so we went everywhere by walking, or taking a bus or trolley car.  My favorite was the trolley car.

Word got out that about 8 blocks away a man had set up a tent and was preaching in it.  Some people had already been there and said it was amazing.

My parents decided to go.  So with me holding their hands off we went.  We would walk a few steps and then they would swing me with their arms.  I absolutely loved it.

When we got into the tent, we found wooded folding chairs.  I sat on the dirt floor and my parents sat on the chairs.  I could have sat on their laps, but I preferred the dirt because I could play in the dirt.

I remember hearing this booming voice. The rest is history – it was Billy Graham preaching.  From that day on our lives as a family were changed.  My parents started looking for a church and from there my father and mother got more and more involved in the life of the church.  The senior pastor who was a very tall man with white hair had a booming voice.  I would sometimes fall asleep in my mother’s lap while he preached.

One day the pastor approached my dad and told him that he was to be his Timothy.  My father thought the pastor had forgotten his name and said, “no my name is Kenneth.” The pastor then explained that Timothy was a young man in the Bible who later became a great evangelist.

After a few years my dad became a pastor and my mother became a Sunday school teacher.  Her classroom was always packed out.  My mother who had been an orphan and my father who was a simple honest man and an only child from Illinois found each other and Billy Graham.  From there they found a church and all our lives were changed forever.

When a person finds Christ as their Savior, and serves God faithfully, we will not know until eternity the impact we have made.  It really is something to look forward to.

I watched the Billy Graham funeral and cried.  I, my family, over 200 young women who lived with us, as well as those I have been able to share with in my speaking travels have had their lives changed for Christ because a simple man from North Carolina put a tent up and shared the gospel.

Lord, may we answer the call whether large or small to serve you.

Thank you for helping us answer the call to help us in our journey to serve the unborn and their mothers, fathers, and families.

We will not know until eternity the lives that have been saved and have come to know Jesus because we were available and willing.


Anne Pierson is the Director of Ministry Services for Loving and Caring, Inc., a national ministry whose mission is to provide resources, training, and encouragement to life-affirming people and organizations.

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  1. Linda Hatcher says:

    So good Anne. I had never heard you tell this story. Amazing. God saw your parents’ hearts and need for God and sent this young evangelist to help them. I remember then fondly and I send my love to you.

  2. Holly Barlow says:

    It has been a privilege to witness both my grandparents and parents answer the call on their lives. To see all that the Lord has done through them and the lives that they have touched as a result. I am forever grateful for the generations before me that answered His calling and the blessings He has given us and others because of their obedience. Remember this….. God doesn’t call the qualified….He qualifies the called!!! No body knows this better than our family!

  3. Denise Franckhauser says:

    Anne, I heard you speak at the AIM fundraising banquet last night. You are a delight, so genuine and humble and I loved every minute of the evening with you. My husband and I will surely look you up and visit if we should ever get to Lancaster. I too was saved through the ministry of Billy Graham and was so impacted by your story. Thank you for sharing it. Serving Jeaus is everything to me and I can’t wait to be able to tell Billy thank you for preaching the gospel to me. Blessings to you Anne.

  4. Jodi Burns says:

    Love this AND you, Anne! I shared it on our Heart of Hope Facebook page!!

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