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A Treasure in the Night

I often wake up during the night. I used to toss and turn trying desperately to go back to sleep.  Over the years, I have learned that this is a wonderful time to be with The Lord without interruptions. Tonight was one of those nights.

I decided to make a list of things to do and was looking for some paper to write things down.

I love to make lists and usually keep a notebook by my bed for these moments. I couldn’t find anything, and so I looked in the drawer by my bed and found an old notebook that had been given to me as a gift. Great news, it still had a few pages in it. As I opened it up, I saw that it was a gift from Jimmy and was at least 5 years old. I started going through the pages and came across a letter I had written to God.

As I read it, I realized God was giving this letter as a gift to me and now I give it to you. I hope it will be a blessing.

Dear God,

Here is our declaration of faith:

Father, we declare as we come into the throne room of heaven that you are God, and you have called into being and are responsible for Loving and Caring.


We believe you have and will instruct us as to what to do and how to do it.


We believe you will take us to individuals and places that need healing and hope.


We know and accept that we are called to fatherlessness, adoption, restoration of lives, encouragement, post abortion ministry, and housing.


We agree to go wherever you send us, even to the uttermost parts of the earth.


We agree to bring forth materials that will touch lives, hopefully in hundreds of languages. Give us your heart and words as we write and create.


Give us your anointing and power as we go from place to place, talk on phones, and answer correspondence.


We desire to live in your presence, filled with the Holy Spirit, going forth in your name.


We believe you will provide the resources we need to do the work you have called us to.

We believe you care for each one of us individually with an everlasting love and will provide for us.


We call upon you Lord to release the resources we need to walk forward with the ministry you have called us to. We ask for a release of provision through your people. We pray for release from the north, south, east, and west.


We believe that mountains will be torn down, deep pits will be filled, and we will go forth victorious in the faith.


May our faith bring what is unseen into the seen. May our hope bring hope to the hopeless.


May the Holy Spirit so move and empower us that ministries will be saved, lives will be changed, healing will occur, and the gospel will go into the darkness and bring forth great light. We pray the promise of your Word into reality.


We believe you are in us.


We believe you love us.


We believe you died for us.


We believe we belong to you and are your children.


We believe you have called us to the world.


We believe you are our provision.


We believe you are a rescuer.


We believe you are God, the one true Head of the Universe.


We believe you have called us.


We believe you will turn the plans of the enemy into great good for us.


We believe and see all these things with eyes of faith.


As the heavens declare the glory of God, so we declare your power, love, and provision in our lives and in the ministry.


We go forth in victory and shout for joy. We lay down our lives for the gospel of Jesus Christ.



WOW!! What a marvelous find in the middle of the night. May this inspire and touch you for your own life and the ministry God has called you to.





Anne Pierson is the Director of Ministry Services for Loving and Caring, Inc., a national ministry whose mission is to provide resources, training, and encouragement to life-affirming people and organizations.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Thank you so much for sharing these prayers and commitments. I plan to print it out and modify it to suit our ministry home for pregnant/parenting women in need of extended family support.

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