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There are certain times in our lives when God just reaches out and blesses us. In the midst of the snowstorms, which have been many, we can enjoy the beauty of the flakes coming down, knowing that each of them is different and unique. We can admire the trees filled with snow and the white blanket that covers the earth.

For me, this means getting up at 5:30 a.m. to take Shelly, my daughter, to work in food services at the hospital, because she can’t drive due to the weather. I throw my clothes on, put my snow boots and earmuffs on, and head out to the car to warm it up.

On the way, I thank the Lord that Shelly, who is mentally challenged, has a job and loves serving the people at the hospital. I think of how long our journey has been. We have worked closely with God to give Shelly the life she now has, and sometimes I cry as I rejoice in God’s goodness.

As we make the drive home, she tells me how many pantries she filled so that patients can have snacks and drinks. Sometimes, she tells me about someone she helped in a special way by just talking to them.

She takes her work very seriously and often mentions how grateful she is to have her job.

Her job requires her to be on her feet all day, pushing a cart through the hospital with supplies on it. She has to load and unload the cart each day, sometimes multiple times. She has to empty each pantry of all the expired drinks and sandwiches and put new ones in, remembering to have the right count in each pantry.

As a family, we have spent our lives giving ourselves to others. My oldest daughter, Holly, works in the local cancer hospital, helping cancer patients all day. She also is on her feet the entire day. She loves the patients and invests her emotions and life into them when she is there. Then she comes home and cooks dinner for her family and is a mother and wife.

What do we bring to life as individuals and as families?  We can bring all kinds of messages.

I think Jimmy and I have wanted our message to be: people are worth our sacrifice and care.

1 John 3:16 “This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down His life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers (sisters).”

What an incredible life we have had by following this scripture.

My two oldest grandchildren are studying for occupations that will help others. They will involve care, attention, and sacrifice.

We truly do get to pass on from generation to generation, friend to friend, the purpose and call of our lives. I was inspired by my parents’ lives who served as a pastor and a nurse. I observed them laying down their lives daily for others and how fulfilled they were, and it truly did rub off on me.

Yes, there are days when we are all tired, weary, and have had unkind things said and done to us, but then there are days when we see the results of our love and care. We have been blessed to have entered others’ worlds, no matter what the cost.

May you know the joy of giving your life away for something that really matters and has eternal value. Whether large or small, it truly does make a difference to the person you reach out to, and possibly for eternity.



Anne Pierson is the Director of Ministry Services for Loving and Caring, Inc., a national ministry whose mission is to provide resources, training, and encouragement to life-affirming people and organizations.

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  1. Janet Trenda says:

    Anne, I love hearing your encouragement even not in person! I miss you:) I wanted to tell you a story that I think will bless you. We have had 2 slab leaks in 4 weeks, black mold, HazMat teams, etc, etc. One of the plumbers that came was a young father who had spent some time in gangs and behavior he now regretted. Tattooed, he told me about his love for his daughter and how he wanted to protect her. He even took her to church…but he wasn’t so sure about God himself. As he was leaving, I asked God if there was something I could put into his hands that would continue our conversation about a God who loves. Mind you, most of our belongings are in our garage under plastic. I walked out to the garage and the 1st thing I saw- was Jimmy’s book about a Father’s Heart. Perfect. I gave him my copy (I’ll have to get another!) and told him this was my friend who also had a heart of love. He received it and hugged me. After he left, Cory could see him from an upstairs window, but knew nothing of our conversation. He came down and asked what I had done to the plumber.. he said he closed the door and sighed and bowed his head for a few seconds. Jimmy came at the perfect time to show this young man that the love he felt for his daughter was just a bit of the love of the Heavenly Father had for him. Amen. I thought you’d want to hear this. I love you:)

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